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Car Insurance in Canada: Provincial differences

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Car insurance is required by law in Canada and all drivers must have third party liability insurance. The minimum amount of liability insurance in the country is $200,000, except in Quebec where it is $50,000.

Additionally, every province and territory in Canada (except Newfoundland and Labrador) requires drivers to have insurance coverage for their own medical expenses and any loss of income which may be incurred as a result of driving related injuries.

Types of Car Insurance

Third party liability: compulsory in Canada and provides insurance cover up to a certain amount which will cover any damage (due to the fault of the insured driver) to any other party's property, or to pay compensation for a third party's personal injury and/or death.

Collision: covers damage to the insured's own car, should an accident occur which is their fault

Comprehensive: protects against theft and vandalism as well as collision and third party liability

Car Insurance Companies

In provinces and territories across Canada except British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, car insurance is provided by private companies. In BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, it is provided by government-run insurance companies (for the statutory insurance coverage) and private and government insurance companies (for additional insurance requirements).

In Quebec, a government-run system administers claims relating to personal injury or death for Quebec residents, while private car insurance companies deal with damage to property.

Regulation regarding car insurance is set by provincial laws, government agencies and some federal laws. Provincial car insurance rates and regulations are regularly reviewed by provincial boards and federal and provincial regulators. 

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