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Jeremy R. Fietz:

Esq., LL.B., J.D., LL.M.
CEO of

Jeremy is a record setting trial lawyer dedicated to representing and protecting people that have been the victims of negligence by both individuals and greedy corporations. Jeremy and his partners have handled many death and serious injury cases involving everything from auto collisions to nursing home abuse, to dangerous drugs and medical devices.


Jeremy’s cases have been reported in newspaper headlines, and he has been personally featured on over 50 radio and television interviews. He has personally handled cases from California to New Jersey (and many states in between).


Jeremy holds a masters degree in law (an advanced degree beyond ordinary law school) and clerked for a complex litigation judge before starting his practice many years ago. He began trying cases in courtrooms in his very first years as a lawyer and has never stopped putting his skills and passion to use. Jeremy has set trial records for largest verdict has earned newspaper headlines like: “Jurors Praise Attorneys Presentation” and newspaper quotes like “jurors told Fietz ‘your research was impeccable’ and his witnesses were ‘really credible’”.


Jeremy is an invited member of several trial lawyer organizations including, the American Association for Justice (since 1996), the Consumer Attorneys of California, and many others.


In his years of practice, Jeremy saw that people did not know how to find the right lawyer for their case. He witnessed other lawyers who were not experienced with a client’s type of case, fail for their client. As many lawyers are unwilling to tell their clients that the lawyer is not equipped to handle their case, it is the client who suffers when a lawyer lacks the skills and experience to succeed.


Jeremy founded to bring together award-winning lawyers to ensure that there was a place that anyone could go to speak with a real lawyer, (for free) and, if they have a case, be represented by a great lawyer who is a great match for their case.


Jeremy and his partners handle many of’s cases personally, but also call on their association with the best lawyers from around the country to ensure each client’s case is matched with an attorney who has the skills and experience to succeed. Jeremy often teaches that having the right lawyer for your case is as important as the facts of your case.


Jeremy also believes in giving back. In one case, in addition to damages for his client, he had the Court order the defendant (a giant corporation) pay Sesame Street a quarter million dollars (who doesn’t love Sesame Street?).


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Heidi A. Haun:'s
2013 Paralegal of the Year

It is with great pleasure that recognize Heidi A. Haun as its 2013 Paralegal of the Year. She well deserves this honor and award.

Heidi is the litigation case manager for the products liability and defective pharmaceutical drug departments at the  Heidi collaborates with attorneys, supervises staff operations, and directs the energy of the claim’s evaluation team to ensure that each case has been well evaluated, reviewed, analyzed and has everything that it needs to qualify for the settlement programs we expect on the horizon. 

With over 20 years legal experience, Heidi has played a crucial part in the representation of hundreds of individuals who have had their lives disrupted, and in many cases devastated, by unsafe and unethical pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Heidi has played an important role in the settlement of defective device and drug cases including but not limited to Albuterol contaminated inhalers, Phen-Fen Diet Drug, Rezulin, Propulsid, Vioxx, Premarin, Prem-Pro, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Guidant lead wires, and Medtronic Heart Defibrillators. She has personally brought well over 500 cases through the claims process and all the way through to settlement for victims and their families.

Heidi currently works each day reviewing and supervising the claims of clients suffering from serious medical complications as a result of the implantation of dangerous Metal on Metal Hip and Pelvic Mesh Products, and is the intake coordinator of newer litigations including the Risperdal and Testosterone claims.

Heidi prides herself on her ability to help clients better understand what their legal rights are and how we can help them and their families.  Heidi has always shown a deep commitment to’s mission of helping people against corporate greed.

Heidi is available to speak personally with’s clients, and is an expert in issues related to dangerous and defective drugs and other products, class action lawsuits, and the complex settlement programs that often arise after years of litigation.

Heidi earned her undergraduate degrees in business and psychology at Sonoma State University and then went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, and the History of Oriental Medicine at AIMC Berkeley.    Heidi also share’s’s goals of giving back to her community. She has been a long time volunteer providing services to autistic children through Applied Behavior Consultants in-home tutoring programs, and continues to provide counseling and support to those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as hospice care services.  During her studies towards earning a license to practice Acupuncture in the state of California, she interned in several low income medical clinics for the under-insured and studied a wide variety of important health care issues.  She is well-known in her community for her compassion, knowledge, and care.’s clients are lucky to have Heidi on their side.

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Benjaman T. Adams:'s
2013 Lawyer of the Year

It is with great pleasure that recognizes Benjaman T. Adams as its 2013 Trial Attorney of the Year.  
Benjaman is one of the managing trial attorneys for  He is responsible for running a busy team of hard working and dedicated Associate Attorneys.  Benjaman is also personally responsible for many of the more serious cases in the office.  

With over 15 years legal experience, Benjaman has represented thousands of clients.  He has over 100 trials to his name in multiple jurisdictions.  He is a licensed attorney in California, Alaska and British Columbia, and is one of the only trial lawyers in the world to have represented people before juries in both Canada and the United States.    

Benjaman currently works each day supporting the mission of and ensuring that cases in both litigation and settlement have all the attention and hard work that they deserve.   Benjaman’s commitment to these cases includes both his active work on TheLawFirm’s cases directly, but also considerable time helping to direct the excellent staff of Associates and Paralegals at Benjaman is often heard expressing great pride in the work ethic and work quality that drives our team.  

While some attorneys are eager to settle before trial, Benjaman is a skilled and effective trial attorney with a proven track-record in and out of the Courtroom. Because his opponents know he is not bluffing, Benjaman is able to get great settlement offers for our clients.
Clients of are lucky to have an advocate like Benjaman.  We are proud to announce him as 2013 attorney of the year. 


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